Tiger Woods' Golf Studio Versus Phil Mickelson's Trophy Room

Tiger Woods putter room.
Tiger Woods putter room. /

With the Masters postponed because of coronavirus, CBS is replaying Tiger Woods' win from last year on the day this year's tournament was supposed to end. One of the added benefits was Woods joined Jim Nantz via a video call to discuss the win and also how he and his family have been doing during the national quarantine.

Among the talking points, Woods revealed he would have been healthy enough to play if the Masters was this week, he's playing golf at his country club Medalist, his family is healthy and that he knows several people who got COVID-19, but thankfully none of them have passed away from it. While most people were focused on the news, however, I couldn't take my eyes off the background.

The first thing that stood out, of course, was the wide white padding lining the room. That's a first. Then you notice the TVs on the wall, the mystery door, and then, the clubs. Yeah he's in his golf studio and it looks amazing.

Tiger Woods golf studio.
Tiger Woods golf studio. /

That reminded me of yesterday when we were treated to seeing Phil Mickelson in his trophy room during a CBS replay of his 2004 win. It was awesome and it made me wonder where Tiger would do his video call with Nantz. In classic Tiger fashion, he one-upped lefty.

Phil Mickelson trophy room.
Phil Mickelson trophy room. /

Mickelson's trophy room is obviously impressive. It looks like the inside of a golf clubhouse. It's pure mahogany. He's got all the trophies lit up and there are photos from big moments in his career. Then he's got the big screen in the middle. Obviously would be an amazing place to hang out.

But where would you rather spend time? With Tiger in the lab or with Phil taking you on a stroll down memory lane? Obviously Tiger wins.

I could spend days watching Tiger test club after club in his padded golf studio. I'd get bored looking at Phil's trophies in a few minutes.

Just like on the course, Tiger wins.