Tiger Woods' Divorce Is Ridiculous *Update* Elin Will Get Around $100 Million

Stephen Douglas

Tiger estimated worth is $900,000,000. So of the billion dollars he’s earned in his life, Elin gets three quarters of it because she was cheated on and embarrassed. Tiger should have had her arrested when she hit him with that golf club. Is there any hope she can have robbery charges pressed against her?

This woman is no longer a sympathetic figure. This is a travesty. And yeah, she gets the new $80 million Florida mansion. That would have been more than enough. At least then she’d have a big house to clean and raise the kids in. Since, you know, that’s her only skill in life see as how she was a freaking nanny. Seven-hundred-fifty million dollars and a mansion. Good grief.

[Radar Online, Sun-Times, Tiger pics via Getty]
Update: Tiger Woods’ divorce is not nearly as ridiculous as it originally looked. According to TMZ, Elin will get a measly $100 million in the divorce. Its still way more than she’s worth, but Tiger couldn’t keep it in his pants, so what are you going to do?