Tiffany Park Showed Up on ESPN, Absolutely Crushed It


The daily routine of rising and firing up some KBO has become quite comfortable and ESPN has done solid work putting together compelling broadcasts half a world away focusing on a league most people knew nothing about only months ago. Part of the proven calculus has been to stack guests upon each other to discuss baseball and baseball-adjacent things. One could argue that a more conversational and collaborative approach would work for the network's Sunday night broadcast, but that's a topic for a follow-up post when the content well really dries up.

Of all the personalities who have passed through the camera lens, few have been as engaging and provided as much added value as Sin Young (Tiffany) Park, who hopped on this morning to provide a unique voice.

Park, a Korean television presenter who has 15,000 subscribers on YouTube and fewer than 700 followers on Twitter, could be a diamond in the rough for a future expanded role. Or, at the very least, a standing invitation to come back for KBO coverage any time she wants.

This morning, she took viewers on a guided, live tour of Seoul, pointing out buildings of importance, hitting up the Gwangjang Market and dipping into a tea house for the final live shot of the game. It was really, really good. Not the type of thing that ESPN could do every day, but something to build on.

Now, again, this is an extremely early call. Perhaps it's jumping the shark. But watching Park has to spark some ideas in incorporating her further. One can imagine she'd be a tremendous asset once fans and reporters are allowed back into Korean ballparks. She seems perfectly suited to do player features and interviews. Or travel pieces. Or food-based hits. Anything, really.

She signed off by saying she loves ESPN. The feeling may be mutual, whether or not the suits know it yet. Maybe nothing comes off one of the more impressive network debuts in years. That would be a wasted opportunity.