Who is Playing Thursday Night Football Tonight & How to Watch

Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears
Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

After two long days with no NFL football, we're back in action tonight for fourth Thursday Night Football game of the year. Last week featured a fun contest between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, featuring quite an excising of demons on the Detroit side while the Packers flirted with a comeback all night but couldn't pull it off. Narratively, it was fun. However it wasn't terribly competitve. Hopefully this week will produce a more wire-to-wire contest. But we might want to be careful what we wish for, because...

Who is playing Thursday Night Football tonight?

The Chicago Bears are playing the Washington Commanders on Thursday Night Football this week. That's right. The two teams that brought us the most TNF game of all time in 2022 were scheduled for a repeat performance in 2023. The Commanders are playing host to the Bears as the game takes place at FedEx Field and kickoff will be at 8:15pm ET.

Who won the last matchup between the Bears and Commanders?

The Commanders won the last matchup with the Bears in the aforementioned ugly-as-sin TNF game last season. The final score was 12-7. Carson Wentz was still the QB in Washington and threw for a whopping 99 yards with 12 completions on 22 attempts. On the other side, Justin Fields had a pretty good game by his standards, with 190 yards through the air and 88 yards on the ground. But he was unable to get it done late in the fourth quarter; the Bears had first-and-goal from the five-yard line with less than a minute to go. They needed a TD. They did not get it. The Commanders kneeled it out and everyone rejoiced.

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What channel is Thursday Night Football on?

Thursday Night Football is not on a traditional cable channel for national audiences. It is exclusively broadcast on Amazon Prime Video, an online-only service.

How do I get Amazon Prime Video?

You can sign up for Amazon Prime Video on amazon.com. It is $14.99 per month for Prime Video ($139 annually). But that is not your only option.

Are there any free trials for Amazon Prime?

There is indeed a 30-day free trial available for Amazon Prime right now for new members. If you follow this link you can sign up now.

How can I watch Thursday Night Football if I don't have Amazon Prime?

There is unfortunately no way to watch Thursday Night Football if you do not have Amazon Prime.

How to Watch Local Broadcast Feeds of Thursday Night Football

In the Chicago area, tonight's game will be broadcast on Fox 32 Chicago. In the metro Washington, D.C. area the game will be broadcast on Fox 5 DC.

Bears Local Radio Broadcast for Thursday Night Football

Bears fans can tune into ESPN 1000 for the local radio broadcast of the Commanders' game tonight.

Commanders Local Radio Broadcast for Thursday Night Football

Commanders fans can tune into BIG 100 (WBIG-FM) for the local radio broadcast of the Bears' game tonight.

Remaining Thursday Night Football Schedule For 2023

The full Thursday Night Football schedule for the 2023 NFL season can be found here.