Thrown Teddy Bear Earns Technical Foul, Decides Basketball Game


Mississippi State improved its NCAA Tournament resume by earning a road win over Georgia on Wednesday night. The Bulldogs were aided in their quest by a rogue teddy bear, which was foolishly thrown onto the court by a fan with the game tied and .5 seconds remaining.

Quinndary Weatherspoon went to the free-throw line with a chance to hit one of two to seal the victory. After missing the first, an adorable and cuddly stuffed animal skidded across the court. Without so much as a warning, the officials assessed a technical foul and another free throw, which he capitalized on.

First thought? Mr. Bean is definitely a suspect here.

Second thought? What’s to stop an opposing fan from getting good seats, waiting for the right moment, and launching something onto the court? Not exactly a diabolical plan now that the precedent has been set.