Three Allen Robinson Trade Destinations

Allen Robinson
Allen Robinson / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Allen Robinson experience in Los Angeles did not go well in Year 1 and it may be over already. The wideout inked a three-year deal worth $46.5 million last offseason, then proceeded to record only 33 catches and three touchdowns in 10 games. Now, the Rams have given Robinson permission to seek a trade as both parties appear to be willing to accept that their partnership was a failure and move on ASAP.

The Rams would save $15 million against the cap if they trade Robinson after June 1. They've given him permission to find a new home now, but any trade agreed to will not be executed until the summer. The fact that Los Angeles sounds like they're willing to pay some of his $15 million guaranteed salary significantly increases the likelihood that a deal gets done.

What teams could try and revive the career of the 29-year-old jump-ball specialist? Here are a few options.

New England Patriots

Bill Belichick loves a bargain and if he can get the Rams to take on most of Robinson's salary it feels probable the Patriots will be in the running here. New England has four picks in the third and fourth rounds of the draft, which gives them plenty of ammunition they'd be willing to part with for Robinson. The receiving corps needs talent any way the Pats can find it and this year's draft is rather poor as far as wideout talent goes so Robinson may be their best bet. It is worth questioning if Robinson is actually any better than DeVante Parker, under contract at the same position for a far more reasonable sum, but that kind of overlap shouldn't stop New England if Robinson is available for cheap.

New York Giants

The Giants still have some ducks to get in a row before they have a clear picture of what their cap situation looks like this offseason. But they should've gotten on the phone with the Rams immedately upon hearing this news. New York had the worst receiving corps among the playoff teams by quite a bit this year and no singular position needs more beefing up for Big Blue. They will be understandably wary of taking on big WR contracts after the Kenny Golladay disaster but if the Rams pay a good chunk of Robinson's salary it's easy to justify taking a swing on the veteran talent. At the very least Robinson should be all for this trade because he won't get a better opportunity to get plenty of targets on a good team.

Baltimore Ravens

Yup, it's the Ravens again. No matter what they do with Lamar Jackson they absolutely need to upgrade at recevier if they want to return to contention next year. The fact that they have continually refused to do so is baffling and aggravating in equal measure. Baltimore only has five draft picks to work with in this year's draft but could pull off a draft-day deal if they decide to trade down for more picks, which is always a likely possibility for this team. They could also play hardball and wait until June to offer a mid-round pick in the 2024 draft. The Ravens will not have the ammunition or interest to get into a bidding war for Robinson but if the market is dry then they're a team to watch.