Threads Launches, Becomes Exclusive Home of Adam Schefter's Biggest Scoops

Threads Instagram
Threads Instagram / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

Threads, Meta's so-called Twitter Killer, opened up its doors to the unwashed public last night, making a strong first impression and — according to Mark Zuckerberg — surpassed the 10-million user mark in just a few hours. There are certainly some issues to be ironed out but it feels very safe to say that, of all the Twitter-inspired clones, this one has the most momentum and could accomplish its goal of making the bird app even more unappealing. Obviously, allowing users to only see posts from those they follow and establishing some sort of real-time connectivity so it can be used as a news service will improve the experience.

One figures a halfway conscious company would understand this and implement these changes once everyone gets preferences so it's even more like Twitter than it is now — though we'll miss the chaotic, borderline insane energy going on over there right now. Perhaps it's prisoner of the moment to say that this will become The Platform for the sports media to find safe harbor yet we'll say it anyway and the worst that can happen if we're wrong is ending up on Freezing Cold Takes, which already has an account over there anyway so you can't triple-stamp a double-stamp.

Insiders like Shams Charania, Adrian Wojnarowski, Jeff Passan, and Adam Schefter are already over there and it sure seems as though they'll be dropping their first-to-market scoops on Threads, which will only hasten the transition away from Mr. Musk's weird circus.

Passan signed up but didn't ... (what do you call the verb of writing a Thread?). Charania posted on Giannis' successful surgery and dropped the Grant Williams signing on there.

Woj just kinda poked the strange new creature with a stick and went to bed.

And Schefter? He did the funniest thing possible as he tends to do and dropped two juicy nuggets about a retiring center and a Jackson State wide receiver in the upcoming supplemental draft. Of course it's not his fault that there wasn't bigger news to report but it's still funny that these could be his first two Threads frozen in amber like that mosquito from Jurassic Park.

We're only on Day 2 of this great experiment. New things are exciting and no one seems to know what the hell is going on. Can you feel the electricity in the air? Can you feel it in your plums? Because you should.