This Potential Noah Syndergaard Trade Makes No Sense for the Mets


At the end of the day, seemingly without fail nor effort, the New York Mets will forever make decisions that only the New York Mets could make.

The Mets are trying as hard as possible to trade pitcher Noah Syndergaard and he is expected to get moved by Wednesday’s 4 p.m. ET trade deadline. He’s linked with several teams across the league, but the Mets are now reportedly getting creative in trying to get rid of him with two years left on his current contract.

According to a recent report by The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, and echoed by ESPN’s Jeff Passan, the Mets are exploring a three-team trade between themselves and the Padres that, in the end, would net them Jays’ starter, Marcus Stroman.

The trade would see the Padres send several prospects to the Mets, who would send those players to the Jays for Stroman.

Some of the focus also on the Padres is about prospect Luis Urias as a part of a trade package, potentially for the package for Syndergaard.

A trade package to the Padres for prospects for an MLB-ready starter like Stroman the Mets makes no sense in what’s going to be another non-playoff year for the franchise.

The Mets are 48-55, seven games behind Washington for the last wild card spot in the National League. Not only would Stroman not make much of a difference in the overall rotation and their chances at the wild card, but they’d also likely have to give him a ridiculous extension just to keep him after this season, potentially handcuffing them for the future. Even if they don’t decide to sign him in the winter, they’ll then be in need of another top-flight starter to fill the hole in the rotation.

Syndergaard, 26, is two years younger than Stroman, 28, and two years left of team control compared to Stroman’s one.

Syndergaard is also more successful on the mound compared to Stroman and presents more upside, age aside. He’s posted a career 3.21 ERA so far with 699 strikeouts and 44 wins in five seasons in the majors. Stroman, in comparison, has just 47 wins in six years, just two wins above .500 for his career, with a 3.76 ERA and 635 strikeouts.

This year, Stroman is just 6-11 this season in 21 starts. Despite his 2.96 ERA and the fact that he’s struggled on the mound record-wise due to the lack of run support when he starts, he’s not worth the value of a pitcher like Syndergaard. Then again, the Mets haven’t been known to spend wisely throughout the last few years.

Syndergaard is the Mets best trade piece and they should be much smarter when it comes to trading him. Even in a year where it seems like they’re going to miss the playoffs, they should trade for value for both the now and future, much like they did when they got Syndergaard in a trade with the Jays back in 2012. They sent R.A. Dickey to Toronto and got catcher Travis d’Arnaud and Syndergaard in return, along with then-prospect Wuilmer Becerra. Syndergaard’s success since taking the mound with the Mets made that deal a success.

If the Mets want to try to make a run for the wild card, Syndergaard gives them that best shot. If they’re looking toward the future, then stockpiling prospects and building their farm would be the better move. Flipping Syndergaard then acquiring Stroman is a move that doesn’t appear to have a lot of direction.