This Ole Miss Party Girl is the SEC's Greatest Fan Ever and It's Not Even Close

Follow the Party: A Day at The Grove
Follow the Party: A Day at The Grove / TexAgs

TexAgs Studios infiltrated The Grove last weekend to talk to some Ole Miss girls about football and Hotty Toddy and stuff. A few ladies spoke with the camera crew, but they might as well have destroyed all footage of every girl but this one. I don’t know anything about her but the awesomeness contained in this video, but that is enough for me.

Internet, this Ole Miss coed needs her own reality show now. Not only does she steal this video, she literally steals the microphone. On multiple occasions. At first you think she is just some random party girl, but then she starts dropping some of the greatest, most quotable knowledge. First of all, she’s modest:

“My favorite thing about the Grove hands down, the alcohol. Um, it’s not always free, but its always there. So alcohol, hands down. Next question.”

Thoughts on school spirit?

“I love school spirit, but like, let’s not get me wrong, I wouldn’t have school spirit without a couple vodka waters.”

On the mission at The Grove and quoting country music.

“Everybody just like has the same mission and the mission is we don’t care about anything but the party. And the party – road goes on forever the party never ends.”

On Ole Miss’s spotless party record.

“Robert Earl Keen is an Aggie, my twin brother is an Aggie, but guess what? Ole Miss never loses a party.”

After a couple girls struggle with the history of the Hotty Toddy cheer, she drops a knowledge bomb.

“You say Roll Tide, we say Hotty Toddy. You know, you say Go Tigers, we say Hotty Toddy. But if you want to know the more specific meaning, Hot Toddy is a drink that you drink when you like are sick and it’s whisky, hot water, lemon, honey, but that’s off-topic.”

On the Ole Miss experience:

“Ole Miss is the most fun school you’ll ever go to. And when you go to a college, you’re going to make the grades, blah, blah, blah… As long as you get a two-oh…. It’s more about the experience, and we only live once. You gotta just like do your thing, have your personality.

On her fellow Ole Miss students:

“Ole Miss we may all be – have lower IQ’s. I have a higher IQ than most people but – well, no. That’s a lie. We have fun and we don’t ever miss a party.”

On Archie or Eli:

“No, Eli. Hands down. Peyton or Eli? Eli.”

The proper thing to say while taking someone’s microphone:

“I’ve got some final thoughts and I’ll let you know them.”

Final thoughts on your Ole Miss education?

“My favorite thing about Ole Miss is the education that I receive here – PSYCH!”

Someone get this girl a half-hour a week on public access.