This Astros Cheating Scandal Bobblehead Is Awesome and You Should Be Able to Buy It


The Houston Astros are currently embroiled in an incredible cheating scandal that involves both the latest technology and literal garbage. Major League Baseball today announced that they were expanding their investigation into the Astros alleged sign-stealing to include the 2018 and 2019 seasons. And now there's this Astros sign-stealing bobblehead.

The bobblehead features an Astros employee wearing a jersey that says MVP, holding a Macbook next to a trash bin. The spring effect on the mallet he uses to smash the trash can is the perfect final touch. It doesn't appear that this is being sold anywhere, but it should be.

In fact, not only should this be a bobblehead you can buy, but it should be the first in a new series of bobbleheads inspired by the best scandals in MLB history.