These 'Lord of the Rings', 'Moneyball' Memes Are Incredible Content

Film Independent At LACMA: "Moneyball"
Film Independent At LACMA: "Moneyball" / Alexandra Wyman/GettyImages

The fall of Twitter like a biblical kingdom of yore is ongoing but sometimes good stuff still comes across the feed. Hard emphasis on "sometimes." For every funny meme out there you get a dozen horrific exchanges that make you question humanity. But every once in a while something great happens, where it feels like everybody in a certain corner of the Internet is teaming up to make us all laugh. The most recent example of this was last week, when everyone you knew was posting 30 Rock clips.

On Wednesday, it happened again, and it is targeted at a very particular segment of the population-- people who like Brad Pitt's Moneyball and the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. An unusual crossover, I know. But it's absolutely tremendous content. If you don't like Moneyball then you won't find it funny but you will probably find it funny if you like Lord Of The Rings.

It appears to have started when Tom Ley, co-founder of Defector, tweeted out a meme about The Fellowship Of The Ring with a sports crossover aspect. Funny stuff alone, to be sure.

But for whatever reason it didn't just spark more LOTR sports jokes. Instead it inspired very specific Moneyball jokes. Perhaps starting with this tweet.

Once the ball gets rolling it's very hard to stop. Here's a sampling of some of the best LOTR x Moneyball memes out there.

This one is a personal favorite. Really captures the spirit of both films.

But wait. There's more!

We even got some Tom Bombadil action. Only the real ones know.

Just excellent, excellent stuff. Sometimes the Internet can be a good place. Sometimes.