The Washington Commanders Might Change Their Name Again Which Means Pigskins is Back in Play!

Connect the new franchise to the good part of the old one.
Washington Redskins Enthusiasts in Costumes
Washington Redskins Enthusiasts in Costumes / Wally McNamee/GettyImages

The Washington Commanders finally have a new owner. After what felt like decades of everyone wanting Dan Snyder to sell, he finally gave the team up to Josh Harris for $6 billion. Snyder was assessed a hefty fine on his way out the door, but who knows if he'll actually have to pay it.

Another interesting part of the sale is that the franchise might be considering another name change according to ESPN's Don Van Natta Jr. Asked about the possibility on The Rich Eisen Show on Thursday, Van Natta made it sound like a real possibility.

"I think there's a pretty good chance of that. To erase any part of the Snyder legacy. To have a complete do-over. I would not be surprised at all, Rich, if we see a name change and a complete rebranding soon."

UPDATE: Magic Johnson, who is part of the new ownership ground, was interviewed on TODAY on Friday morning. Asked about the possibility of a name change, Magic laughed about how people felt about the Commanders current name and said that "everything is on the table."

This is great news for anyone who hated the boring, lifeless graphic rebrand to the equally inconsequential "Commanders." There are many more interesting choices, but I am again begging the people in charge to go with the Pigskins. It's a football term. It's inoffensive. It's unique. Most importantly, it has an actual connection to the franchise as I noted three years ago:

Back when Washington was good in the 1980s and 1990s they called the offensive line "Hogs." One of the original Hogs, left guard Russ Grimm, was a Hall of Famer. One particular, high-profile group of fans wore old lady dresses and pig snouts to games. They were known as the Hogettes.

It's right there! The Washington Pigskins! What kid wouldn't want a Pigskins hat for Christmas? I know I'd take one, along with a small consulting fee.