The Warriors Are 11-0 Against the Top 4 in the East and West

By Jason McIntyre

The Golden State Warriors, when at full strength, have lost two games: at Detroit, and at Portland. It should be noted that both games came before much larger games: at Cleveland (win) and at the LA Clippers (win).

Impressive, right?

Well, it gets scarier: The Warriors are a staggering 11-0 against the next four best teams in each conference: 1-0 vs San Antonio, 1-0 vs Oklahoma City, 3-0 vs the LA Clippers, 2-0 vs Memphis; 2-0 vs Cleveland, 2-0 vs Toronto, 1-0 vs Boston, 1-0 vs Miami.

Through 54 games (49-5), here’s how the Warriors stack up against the rest of the NBA:

They’ve two more of these contests this week, both on the road: at Miami (Wednesday) and at Oklahoma City (Saturday).