The Top 12 Months of the Year Rankings: What Month is Best?

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

What month is the best month? Which one is the worst? That is a conversation that took place on Twitter a few months ago when someone said they were so bored they were going to rank the months. Some people joined in.

Even high-ranking sports media members got involved.

Someone else compiled the raw data based on replies to the original tweet. It turns out October is the best and February is the worst. At the time, we here at The Big Lead tried out a smaller five person sample and we got similar, but different results. Read The Big Lead's Official Month Rankings below.

Like the chart above, we ranked months 1-12. Best month got 12 points, worst got one point. They were then added up to get a possible total of 60 points. October came close. February did not.

12. February (8)

It seems that no matter who you ask, February is absolutely one of the worst months. The NBA All-Star Game and Valentine's Day are just no competition for the Hoth-like conditions that much of the country experiences. Winter has been going on for months and while Spring approaches, it still seems so far away.

10. (TIE) July and January (22)

Extreme heat and extreme cold. You're right in the middle of Summer and Winter. The Fourth of July is a good holiday, but simply not great enough to carry an entire month. January is like a month-long hangover that kicks off with a literal hangover on New Year's Day. Begin your resolutions. Cut the fun things out of your life then feel bad when you relapse.

9. August (24)

A dead month for sports as baseball drags on and we wait for football to get to the meaningful games. It's too damn hot out. Zero holidays. School approaching. Days slowly getting shorter.

8. March (26)

Spring has arrived, but it's also the crappy part of the season. Snow turns to rain. There's mud everywhere. March Madness is here, but it's only a few really intense days surrounded by waiting.

7. June (31)

June is stuck right in the middle of the calendar and apparently, that is where it belongs. June is a properly rated month that sounds good, features good weather.

5. (TIE) November and December (37)

In this reporter's opinion. These months are way too low. This is the Holiday SZN we're talking about. November is a lot like October but a little chillier with the BIG EVENT holiday, Thanksgiving, mixed in. You've got a four or five day weekend with a bunch of football and food and then a full month to reflect on the year that was while Christmas decorations and music take center stage. Christmas movies are undefeated and infinitely rewatchable. Family and friends gather. Snow is still fresh.

4. May (41)

We love when the weather warms up, don't we folks?

3. April (42)

Baseball. Spring. All that stuff I guess.

2. September (43)

Summer relents and makes way for the best season. Football begins. Leafs change color.

1. October (57)

This one wasn't close. Three votes for #1 and it's worst ranking was #3. There's just something about that crisp hoodie season weather. Maybe its the football, maybe it's the pumpkin spice. Who's to say? This is the month famous for celebrations of candy and beer.