The Ten Most Ridiculous Things Related to Deflategate


“Deflategate”, “Ballghazi” or whatever else you want to call it, is over, after Tom Brady announced he would not pursue further appeals to the Supreme Court. It was a really long and ridiculous soap opera. The ramifications when it comes to Roger Goodell’s ability to do anything without competent rationale will continue. Setting aside the actual results of the investigation, appeals, and decisions, and Ted Wells’ mustache, here are 10 ridiculous things about Deflategate, some of which you probably repressed from your memory.

10. The Sheer Length of Time: On April 28, 2015, while we were awaiting a ruling still, our Ty Duffy wrote about 8 historical things that took less time than the investigation. Little did he know it was just getting started. It’s been well over 500 days since this saga began in January of 2015.

9. Miss America called Tom Brady a Cheater: Yes, this happened during the pageant, and she went on to win.

8. Bill Belichick is forced to discuss how many balls he handles: Bill also confirmed he is not a scientist.

7. The Barstool Sports Guys Staged a Sit-In at NFL Headquarters: and got arrested.

6. We Learned that Tom Brady Reads Bill Simmons: And agrees with articles praising him.

5. Aaron Hernandez Gets Involved: Well, his lawyer, he exercised poor judgement in making a joke.

4. Media Feuds over Deflategate: Even if we exclude Bill Simmons, we get plenty. Chris Russo versus Peter King is near the top.

3. Courtroom Sketch Artist Gets Sketch-Shamed for Tom Brady Drawing: Tom Brady appeared in court. The sketch of him caused much uproar. People harassed the artist. (I even tried to draw Tom Brady, to see how hard it could be). She then tried again …

2. Stephen A. Smith Broke News About Tom Brady’s Cell Phone: It was Stephen A. Smith who came out with the claim that Tom Brady had destroyed his cell phone. Bill Simmons didn’t forget that.

1. The Deflator: What a great nickname.