The Skins Are Dysfunctional Enough that this Crazy Report About Jay Gruden Could Be True


It’s not exactly profound to say that the football team in our nation’s capital is dysfunctional. You could say that candy is sweet or soda cans are made of aluminum and it would be a similarly controversial assertion. But, that they are allegedly SO dysfunctional that they don’t consult or even clue their head coach in on their biggest free agent splash of the offseason is nevertheless newsworthy.

According to Eric Bickel of 106.7 The Fan’s Sports Junkies morning show, Jay Gruden found out about Washington’s acquisition of star former Giants safety Landon Collins when a media member texted him about it. Even for the Skins, this is astounding. (Obligatorily, the Skins will deny this later today, but what equity do they have that anyone should believe them?)

As the Sports Junkies noted in the segment, Gruden is on the outs and Bruce Allen is in control of everything. There’s probably somewhat of an understanding that this is a lame-duck year for both the coach and the franchise. While the team was playing decently last season before Alex Smith went down, they have holes up and down the roster. No one is under the impression that plugging in Landon Collins, Case Keenum, and whomever they get in the Draft will be a magical panacea.

This is one of those bizarre circumstances in the NFL where Gruden probably would’ve been better off in the long run losing his job at the end of last season. What’s the point in being there if things are so frayed that the front office won’t even bother to tell him they’re making a big free agency splash?