The Roundup: Woody 'Plaige,' DeAndre Daniels Picks Connecticut & an Epic Fight Between Women


Emmanuelle Chriqui … this writer thinks she knows why men cheat online … Blake Lively and Leo went to Disneyland … it’s a mutant rabbit! … Shaq’s girlfriend speaks … loving this Mexican Druglord’s tank … if you’re going to Netherlands anytime soon, and you smoke pot, read this … look, he’s running through a giant colon! … because we don’t have enough teacher-student links … Adele went on a rant about taxes …

This Woody Paige-Sports Business Journal dust-up over credit might remind you of the time in 2009 we wrote about Paige “borrowing” from Dan LeBatard. [Westword]

Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton, who is an actual buffoon, resigned yesterday. Hope he enjoys the $1.3 million “separation package.” [Knoxville News]

DeAndre Daniels was supposed to pick between Kansas and Texas, but he opted for darkhorse Connecticut, instead. [Zags Blog]

Here’s a very good interview with Allen Iverson. [Slam]

Two Louisville starting basketball players from last season, who were on scholarship, have now been moved to walk-on status. [John Clay’s Sidelines]

Rick Adelman’s house is for sale in Houston. Here are some photos. [Clutch Fans]

Who’s going to buy the 76ers? [Inquirer]

Here’s a claim that Hayden Panettiere isn’t dating Mark Sanchez, but rather his buddy who was drafted by the Jets, Scotty McKnight. [Popeater]

Ozzie Guillen’s son’s twitter account vs. the White Sox. [Sun-Times]

Love reading about a good package deal in college basketball. [CBS Sports]

Former Duke basketball captain Tom Emma jumped off a building and killed himself. [Big Duke Balls]

Steve Smith of the Panthers cracks me up – he’s referring to Carolina as “they,” not “we.” He’s done there. [Rotoworld]

Wild fight, purportedly at Wendy’s. One girl demands a friend take her shoe off; then she jumps off a table onto the big girl in blue. I’m not sure if that’s a guy or girl that jumps in late and clobbers the chick, but it’s certainly disturbing. [via Buzzfeed]

How’d this “toy” make it to a playground? Please do not send me videos of a kid getting injured on this thing, because you know that’s what happens next. [via Hot Clicks]

Things I haven’t seen before: Two people doing the splits, and racing while doing the splits.