The Roundup: Luke Scott Injured During Home Run Trot & Cristiano Ronaldo is a "Broken Man" After Los


Sophia Bush … married teacher in Michigan allegedly has sex with 16-year-old student … advance warning: This is very sad … drunk British trader loses $10 million in 19 hours … why is this columnist living in a cage at the zoo for three days? … actress Zoe Saldana got engaged … “smoked salmon flavored vodka” … Olivia Wilde named sexiest vegetarian … Duke lacrosse accuser held a press conference on her front lawn to defender herself … the gays cannot get married in Wisconsin …

Luke Scott of the O’s pulled a hamstring during a home run trot. [Wezen-Ball]

The MLB All-Star game is crap, but if you’re going to the game, the food menu sounds delicious. [OC Register]

Writer Matt Taibbi goes off on Lara Logan of CBS News for some of her comments about the McChrystal story. [Rolling Stone]

“Is there something about getting 27 outs in a row that psychologically alters a pitcher?” Post-perfect game, pitchers tend to struggle. [Baseball Nerd]

In case you were wondering how that ESPN blog network is working out. [Ben Koo]

Roger Federer lost in the Wimbledon quarterfinals, then blamed injuries. [NYT]

This photo of the USC running backs coach helped the NCAA’s case against Reggie Bush. [USC Rivals]

Former Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli may be Louisiana Tech bound. [KTBS]

“Women’s tennis needs a renaissance.” Somebody get Ana Ivanovic a good coach. [Miami Herald]

Wonder why Stephen A. Smith is leaving the Philadelphia Inquirer, again? [Deadspin]

Kid graduates high school, buys a bag of weed to celebrate, and turns up dead that night. Cops found the dealer. [Courant]

Cristiano Ronaldo on Portugal’s loss to Spain: “I feel a broken man, completely disconsolate, frustrated and an unimaginable sadness.” He’ll be 29 at the next World Cup, so he still could win one. [Guardian]

Doc Rivers is going to return for one more year in Boston. Guess this means Pierce and Allen are returning? [Globe]

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