The Rockets are Being All-Time Dumb Valuing PJ Tucker Over a Championship


The Houston Rockets are near the top of the pantheon of smartest NBA franchises, yet they are now drastically sliding down as we speak. According to ESPN’s Stefano Fusaro, the Rockets are not willing to put PJ Tucker on the table in a trade for Jimmy Butler.

This is not a shot at Tucker, who is valuable to the Rockets machine, but this is nothing short of malpractice as a basketball decision if that report is true. As I said two weeks ago if the Rockets get Butler, they are the favorites to win it all. He is exactly what they need and would boost the Rockets to a level higher than last season. For those who forgot, the Rockets were clearly in position to beat the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals until Chris Paul went down with an injury.

If you are in the group that says, “Well, they are just going to lose Butler in free agency.” Lol!

First off, it is not a foregone conclusion Butler will just leave Houston, where he grew up, if he is able to go there and still get his money. Secondly, they are chasing a championship this season and he improves those chances from “unlikely” to “likely.” You are trying to tell me that risk is not worth losing Tucker who averaged six points per game, less than one assist, and his 33-years-old?!?

Let’s really hope this latest rumor is a smokescreen. If not, I will never look at the Rockets the same.

“Rockets, there will be more PJ Tuckers.”

– Bobby Burack