The Pro Bowl Is A Complete Waste Of Time And Needs To Die


The 49th edition of the Pro Bowl was held Sunday and it was a predictably underwhelming affair. The AFC took home a 26-7 win over their NFC counterparts in a game that was neither exciting, nor fun. As buckets of rain were dumped on the players at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, it became increasingly clear that the event just needs to die.

There was absolutely nothing memorable about the 2019 Pro Bowl. It certainly happened, but that’s about all I can say for sure. On the field it was an hour of no one caring about anything. Everything was off, the players clearly wanted to be anywhere but the field and even Patrick Mahomes was no fun to watch. In fact, if you told me the players spent the hours before the game tailgating in the parking lot with fans before strapping on pads and playing, I would believe you.

The NFC ran 45 plays and gained a total of 148 yards. One hundred and forty-eight yards. In an All-Star game. With no one playing a lick of defense. Why are we still doing this every season?

The Pro Bowl in its current for is, at best, a complete waste of time. It’s stupid, boring, far too long and lacks anything resembling entertainment value. Whatever it was that happened Sunday in Orlando needs to go away. Forever.

So it’s time to either scrap the entire concept of the Pro Bowl or completely change it. There are ways to make something like this entertaining but the NFL would need to think outside the box.

Here’s an idea: forget the idea of a traditional four-quarter football game. Instead, create 7-on-7 passing league teams from each division. Do it like the NHL and create a tournament where each division competes with the others in a tournament.

Play passing tournament-style games — two-hand touch, no linemen, only receivers, a running back and a quarterback — with the winner moving on. We don’t need linemen at these events anyway. Let them be the coaches, call plays and let us in on the decision-making process. Now that would be fun.

I’m just spitballing but I know that would be far more entertaining than what we saw Sunday.

Either way, no matter what happens it’s clear the Pro Bowl is an abject disaster that should never be played again.