The 'Plan' is for Brock Lesnar to Return to UFC, Face Daniel Cormier in August


On SportsCenter, Ariel Helwani said the current plan is for Brock Lesnar to return to the UFC and face Daniel Cormier in August in Heavyweight Championship fight. Helwani added, while it is not yet signed, all sides currently want this to come to fruition.

Rumors of Lesnar’s return to the UFC have going on for far too long and, at times, felt like nothing more than leverage to get the WWE to pay him more. If this time is truly different, it will give the UFC a much-needed major boost in interest. Their top star, Conor McGregor, says he is retired and, it goes without saying, this is a sport in desperate need of star power.

Lesnar vs. DC is one of the biggest fights that the UFC can put on, but it’s ultimately all about a showdown with Lesnar and Jon Jones. Facing Cormier puts that possibility in some jeopardy as Lesnar will be expected to lose. But then again, we can’t be picky when it comes to Lesnar’s activity in the UFC.