The Packers Should Clearly Piss Aaron Rodgers Off More Often

Aaron Rodgers tosses a pass
Aaron Rodgers tosses a pass / Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

There was much criticism levied towards the Green Bay Packers for their strategy during the 2020 NFL Draft. Green Bay traded up in the first round to draft a project of a quarterback after getting all the way to the NFC Championship Game. They took a running back in the second round despite boasting one of the better run games in the NFL last year between Aaron Jones and Jamal Williams, going against the grain in regards to how valuable running backs are in the modern offense.

All in all, it seemed like a bad offseason for a team still starting one of the best quarterbacks ever in Aaron Rodgers. Yet the Packers came out in Week 1 and wiped the damn floor with the Minnesota Vikings with no trouble whatsoever. This was almost entirely due to the play of that same Rodgers, who played as well as he ever had and made his usual array of jaw-dropping throws that nobody else in the NFL this side of Patrick Mahomes could even think about attempting, much less completing.

I mean, look at this. Good god, man.

Rodgers never came out and said that he was mad the Packers chose to select his replacement with their highest draft pick instead of taking someone who could help win this year. Or next year. Or the year after, for that matter. That's how much of a project Jordan Love is. He definitely wasn't happy about it, though. It didn't seem like his decision to imbibe in tequila after the pick was announced in April was one spawned from feelings of celebration and joy.

But if this is how he's going to play, this is clearly a competitive advantage. If grinding Rodgers' gears results in a 364-yard outing with four touchdowns and zero interceptions, it should be priority No. 1 for head coach Matt LeFleur. Tell him his his outfit is ugly as he walks in for gameday. Send him pictures of ESPN's Top 100 players list released before the season, which had Dak Prescott ranked above him. Maybe go the full nine yards and tell him the team plans to draft another quarterback in next year's draft even if they win the Super Bowl.

Green Bay clearly doesn't envision having Rodgers around for more than two or three seasons. May as well kick him on his way out the door if it leads to the annihilation of defenses that we saw on Sunday afternoon. The relationship is probably already irreparable anyway, so where's the harm in seeing if more returns can be gained?