The NFL Star Wars-Themed Helmets Have Plenty of Force

By Jason Lisk

We’ve seen plenty of re-boots of the NFL mascots or helmets using other themes. The Star Wars collection designed by John Raya, though, has to be in the running for the best, even if a disproportionate amount of references are derived from the prequel trilogy.

You can see the entire AFC team collection and NFC team collection here. Among the highlights:

You think there is a strong movement to get the Washington Redskins to change their mascot? That’s nothing compared to the outcry that must be out there in a galaxy far, far away for a team with Jar Jar Binks on the helmet.

The Seattle Seahawks became the Toydaria Wattos, who you know doubt remember as the junk dealer and human trafficker that originally owned Anakin Skywalker. The Denver Broncos, meanwhile, became the Hoth Tauntauns. Fitting, since they froze before reaching the first (down) marker in the Super Bowl.

The most predictable was the Raiders becoming the Vaders. Traditionalists will no doubt enjoy the Raxus Prime Jawas’ helmet design. Among my other personal favorites: The Buffalo Bills mascot turning into a Bantha, the artwork on the Shili Togrutas (Vikings), and Jabba the Hutt within the Packers helmet design.