The NFL Hall of Famers Really Screwed Up Their Big Announcement

By Tully Corcoran

For goodness sake, fellas, you’re Hall of Fame football players. You’d think you guys would know how to huddle up and call a play.

Instead, a group of Hall of Fame players made a big ol’ mess out of their big announcement Tuesday that they wouldn’t be attending the Hall of Fame ceremonies until they got some healthcare from the NFL.

There were two big problems.

The first problem was, they didn’t get it all clear just who wanted their names written at the bottom of this document.

There were 21 names on it, and so far two of them — Kurt Warner and Jerry Rice — are saying they shouldn’t have been.

The second problem was, they screwed up the messaging of the entire thing, making it sound like they wanted healthcare for Hall of Fame players, but not other retired players.

Eric Dickerson went on Outside the Lines and tried to explain.

These players may have a point, but they could use an offensive coordinator or something to help them make it.