The New England Patriots Could Use Tim Tebow, But He's Too Big a Baseball Star to Even Consider It


Tim Tebow’s baseball journey began on Monday when he reported to the New York Mets Instructional League team in Port St. Lucie. So far, his drawing power with baseball fans has proven to be a real thing. Fans have shown up to catch a glimpse of the SEC Network personality and his jersey is #3 best selling Mets jersey behind CUSTOM and actual player, Noah Syndergaard.

Tebow’s jersey will run you $119.99 ($99.99 for the lucky ladies though.), while a shirtsy only costs $29.99. What a deal for a guy who is unlikely to ever actually wear the jersey in a Major League game.

The irony in the timing of all this baseball hoopla is that the New England Patriots might currently be looking for a quarterback. Sure, it would only be for a week or two while the team waits for Jimmy Garoppolo to fully recover from a sprained AC joint and for Tom Brady to return from suspension, but Tebow should be a candidate.

He spent the 2013 preseason with the Patriots so he has some familiarity with their system and knows offensive coordinator quite well from that stint with the Patriots and their time together in Denver. Just look at the names that CSN New England is throwing around as potential emergency quarterbacks: Matt Flynn, Ryan Lindley, Sean Refree, Ricky Stanzi and TJ Yates.

The fact that a list like this doesn’t contain the name Tim Tebow is somehow even more insane than Tim Tebow playing professional baseball. I guess this is just how synonymous Tebow and baseball have become. People have already forgotten that Tim Tebow used to play professional football and would make a serviceable backup in a Patriots system that saw two quarterbacks complete 66% of their passes on Sunday.

Seriously. In 3 seasons in New England, Garoppolo has completed 68.1% of his passes. He was 18 of 27 before he went down with an injury on Sunday. Then rookie Jacoby Brisset stepped in and completed 6-of-9 passes for 92 yards as the trains kept running on time and the Patriots improved to 2-0. Combine that with the fact that Tom Brady has completed 63.6% of his career passes and Matt Cassel completed 63.4% of his passes when he seamlessly stepped in for Brady during the 2008 season and it’s not hard to imagine Tebow doing the same should he be called upon. Who couldn’t be an efficient quarterback under Bill Belichick?

Maybe the Patriots and the media aren’t considering Tebow because Tebow wouldn’t consider the Patriots. The NFL has turned its collective back on Tebow multiple times now, while baseball has welcomed him with open arms. Tebow would have to turn his entire life upside down to help out the Patriots or any other team in need of a quarterback. The Mets are allowing him to continue working with the SEC Network while he chases his dream. The NFL would demand Tebow’s full attention even though no team would ever give Tebow’s theirs. Tebow is better off with a sport that doesn’t take itself so seriously. Thanks to baseball, you can’t consider NFL the done with Tim Tebow – Tim Tebow is finally be done with the NFL.



OK, so if somebody from the NFL called Tebow might listen to what they had to say. Maybe.

UPDATE: Or maybe he wouldn’t!