The NCAA Seems to Have Forgotten That Women's Basketball Players Have a Tournament Too

NCAA / Lance King/Getty Images

The NCAA Basketball Tournaments start this weekened with the men's tournament tipping off on Friday and the women getting started on Sunday. With the men in Indianapolis and the women in San Antonio, it's become very clear just how differently the two groups of athletes are being treated with the women getting the extreme short end of the stick, which is impressive considering how the men's players feel.

First there is the difference in weight room availability that went viral on Thursday. Stanford Sports Performance coach Ali Kershner posted these pictures to her Instagram for comparison. Oregon star Sabrina Ionescu and a number of other players then tweeted the pictures. The NCAA responded by saying there was limited space and they were looking into it.

Ionescu and teammate Sedona Prince were also among those to call out the NCAA for claiming they were dealing with "limited space."

If it was just the workout facilities, you could chalk it up to ignorant casual sexism, but now we're starting to see complaints about the food. We've seen the food available to the men in Indianapolis which has resulted in the usual complaints about the cafateria-ness of the food. Meanwhile, the women just want to eat.

Finally, the least important, but still extremely insulting differnce is in the free stuff the women get compared to the men.

As far as unpaid labor goes, the women are clearly even more unpaid. You would think that the NCAA would keep this kind of thing in mind when they're already under fire for subpar working conditions. Then again, that would eat into the profits.