The NC Dinos Wrote, Performed a Song for ESPN's Eduardo Perez


While most Americans who were going to jump into the fast-paced world of the KBO adopted a team right away, ESPN's Eduardo Perez pulled a power move in insisting to be wined and dined and wooed before jumping on a bandwagon. If memory serves, he was extremely close to picking the LG Twins but had some trepidation due to some seemingly unrelated technical issues at home with LG products.

Yes, that little nugget of information is taking up useful space in my brain. Times are weird, man.

There is major news on this front this morning as the NC Dinos went above and beyond the call of duty to write a song for Perez. Here is, in all its glory.

The Dinos have made an extremely strong push early on, racing out to a 14-3 record and trotting out a world-class mascot now known as Swole Daddy. They really seem to grasp effective marketing and it's hard not to respect the hustle.

We'll see if this effort impacts Perez, who must feel like a five-star recruit right about now.

A better person than myself wouldn't be jealous of the attention. But dammit, I am. It makes me wonder if three weeks of intense KT Wiz zealotry has been all for naught. When will this team recognize the on-blog support by dedicating a song to me? Does a guy have to beg?

And what would happen if another team saw an opportunity and created a Koster song to steal my allegiance? That'd be a shame.

In all seriousness, personalized songs for American fans with large clout is superb marketing. Would fully expect to see more of it going forward.