The Most Memorable Richard Deitsch Media Feuds of 2013

By Ty Duffy

Richard Deitsch published his list of the most memorable 2013 media feuds, with SI personalities excluded. Since SI’s media critic is no stranger to a hearty Twitter kerfuffle himself, we thought we would recount some of his most memorable media feuds of the year.

Richard Deitsch vs. Darren Rovell

With a tangible, magnetic attraction, these two have been going at it for years, about a range of topics. 2013 featured this necessary squabble about the journalism ethics of accepting a free USB charger.

While explosions are not infrequent, this feud also has the occasional, petty shots across the bow.

Richard Deitsch vs. Clay Travis

Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis moved to Fox Sports 1 for the 2013 College Football Season. This brought him into Deitsch’s crosshairs. The two argued to the point of having to debate media issues on a neutral podcast. A barb about ratings…

could easily devolve into ad hominem attacks from both sides…

and embroil internet residents in the general vicinity.

Richard Deitsch vs. Jason Whitlock

Deitsch and Whitlock have been frequent adversaries. The famed columnist responded to a question about Deitsch as follows, in an interview with The Big Lead.

"Deitsch is the head of the good-old-boys network that I despise within our industry. He’s not remotely objective. He favors and protects his group of Twitter and email buddies. How the hell does a sports media critic avoid doing a thorough takedown of Mark Schwarz’s embarrassingly sloppy work on Bernie Fine? Joe Posnanski’s book on Paterno was trashed from coast to coast, flopped in sales and was an embarrassment to journalism. Crickets from SI’s media critic."

Which, presumably, led to this catty retort 48 minutes later.

Richard Deitsch vs. Dan LeBatard

Deitsch tweeted a media criticism. LeBatard tweeted a criticism of Deitsch cherry picking easy targets for his media criticism. This led to a lengthy exchange.

Richard Deitsch vs. Skip Bayless

Deitsch has been in the vanguard of critics about ESPN’s First Take. This tweet is one of many, directed at the show’s star Skip Bayless, who won honorable mention for Deitsch’s “knucklehead of the year.”  It’s not clear if Bayless has ever retorted publicly.

Richard Deitsch vs. ESPN PR’s David Scott

Deitsch has been a persistent gadfly for the PR apparatus in Bristol. He provoked a lengthy back and forth with David Scott over the network’s disassociation from League of Denial.

As part of that exchange, Scott advised Deitsch to #TryCheckers