The Mets Sent Security To Matt Harvey's Apartment After No-Show

Ryan Phillips

Matt Harvey was a no-show at the New York Mets home game against the Marlins Saturday night because, according to him, he had a headache. The decision to not show up at Citi Field has led to a three-day suspension by the Mets, and the story is getting more ridiculous by the day. On Monday we learned the Mets actually sent security to his Manhattan apartment at 10 p.m. to see if he was actually there. Harvey apparently answered the door in his pajamas.

The Mets say they sent security after a number of messages weren’t returned and they did so just to make sure Harvey was OK or to see if he needed help. But the former ace reportedly believes the Mets were checking up on him to see if his headache story was true. Sources told Jon Heyman the men who visited the 28-year-old didn’t seem concerned about him and were just interested in what why he missed the game..

Harvey played golf on Saturday and his story suggests that after eating lunch in the afternoon he fell asleep and woke with a bad headache. He then texted Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen to tell him he wasn’t going to make it to the park. But that’s where things get interesting.

First off, the text from Harvey came after the 3 p.m. cutoff for players to notify the team if there is an issue. The Mets could have fined him for that alone. Meanwhile, people close to the team have been leaking that the text exchange was actually initiated by Warthen, not Harvey. The Mets sent further texts and never heard back from the righty, which is why they sent security to his apartment.

Harvey’s suspension clearly has more to do with just a late text and a missed home game. The team and player have been at odds for a long time now and it’s clear the Mets did this to send a message. They don’t want what they see as Harvey’s awful attitude rubbing off on the rest of the team.