The Los Angeles Chargers Screwed Up Again And It's Hilarious


The Los Angeles Chargers have consistently shot themselves in the foot since moving away from San Diego. Their first year in LA was a long series of comical missteps and it appears that’s only continuing. This week there was yet another example.

San Diego resident Daniel Acevedo took to Twitter on Wednesday to draw attention to an email he received from the “Los Angeles Chargers Official Pro Shop” earlier in the day:

Notice anything odd about that? Look closer.

In case you’re still missing it:

Daniel and I connected on Twitter and he forwarded me the email. It’s authentic.

Yes, the franchise that has done all it can to distance itself from its former home during its failed “Fight For LA” just can’t freaking stop screwing up.

Again, this is just the latest in a long line of ridiculous, self-inflicted wounds since the team announced its move to Los Angeles. Want examples? This should be fun: First was the logo, then the second logo (which was the same as the first), then the embarrassing welcome to LA event, the team’s new head coach calling his team the “San Diego Chargers” during his introductory press conference, the attendance issues that plagued the team all season, the litany of problems that popped up in Week 1, they managed to insult the military, they pissed off staunch defender Arash Markazi and finally the fan they chose to announce a draft pick this year refused to call them the “Los Angeles Chargers” and gave San Diego a shoutout.

And just to be clear, I left out a lot of examples in the above list.

The Chargers are a professional sports franchise in America’s second-biggest media market and are part of a business that’s revenue reached $14 billion in 2017. Yet somehow the team is run like a failing Arby’s in Topeka. The incompetence is truly staggering.

No matter how hard Dean Spanos and his idiot sons try, they’ll keep screwing things up. This will never change as long as that family owns the team.