'The Last Dance' Gives Charles Oakley Another Chance to Take Shots at Patrick Ewing

New York Knicks center Patrick Ewing (C) holds bac
New York Knicks center Patrick Ewing (C) holds bac / VINCE LAFORGET/Getty Images

The latest episodes of The Last Dance looked back at the early 90's Bulls - Knicks rivalry. Chicago ended New York's season during each year of the Bulls' initial back-to-back-to-back NBA Championships run. In 1993 the Knicks blew a 2-0 lead. To this day, Charles Oakley remains bitter about the loss.

In the New York Post, Oakley blamed Patrick Ewing and Pat Riley for the loss. Riley failed to adjust to the Bulls while Ewing failed to pass out of double teams.

"“Patrick, at the end of the game, he’d get double-teamed,’’ Oakley told The Post. “He’d shoot fadeaways on double-teams and that hurt us as a team.”"

Oakley also defended his good friend Michael Jordan's decision to go to Atlantic City between games and was even able to turn that into a Ewing burn.

"“When you’re off, you can do whatever you want to do,’’ Oakley said. “Danny Ainge said [he and Jordan] played golf 36 holes before a playoff game. I never thought he’d do that, but he’s incredible. When things go your way, you can take a chance of doing things. A lot of guys can’t do that. They don’t have that drive. Patrick would never do it like that — because he doesn’t have it inside of him.”"

But Oakley's most scathing criticism of Ewing is that he is not Beyoncé.

"“The Bulls had Michael and we had Patrick,’’ Oakley said. “It’s like seeing Beyoncé and going to see someone trying to be Beyoncé. If Beyoncé is in town, everyone’s going to see Beyoncé. If Michael and Patrick are in town, everyone is going to see Michael. They had ‘The Show.’ We tried to stop them and we couldn’t stop them.”"

This all comes less than a month after Oakley took a shot at Ewing's leadership skills on CBS Sports Radio. It's a nice try by Oakley to diminish Ewing's career, but who wants to stop Beyoncé from performing? There's no defense in pop music. Wouldn't the other person just perform at a different venue or on a different night? Not that it matters. Beyoncé won the series. 25 years later, Charles Oakley is still mad about the other act.