The Knicks Need To Accept The Inevitable, Buy Out Carmelo Anthony


Carmelo Anthony’s camp has reportedly attempted to engaged the New York Knicks in buyout negotiations, but Phil Jackson and company have rebuffed those advances. Given that Anthony’s trade value is non-existent and that he can block a swap via his no-trade clause, we all know a buyout is likely the only outcome here. The Knicks should just bite the bullet and get it over with.

Letting Anthony walk for nothing in return has to be a rough scenario for the Knicks to deal with, but the franchise needs to live in reality. With Melo’s contract and rapidly declining production, no one is going to trade for him.

Anthony is due to make $54.17 million over the next two seasons, and was brutal on the court in 2016-17. He finished 66th in PER (17.96), 79th in win shares (4.7) and 208th in win shares per 48 minutes (.089). Lastly, his value over replacement player was a dismal 0.8, which ranked 130th leaguewide. Those are some truly awful numbers from the 10-time All-Star.

The Knicks won’t be able to unload Anthony’s deal on another team and it’s clear he and Jackson can’t get along. At this point, the only option left is to buy out Melo’s contract and send him packing. Then go make nice with Kristaps Porzingis and hand the keys to the franchise over to him.

If that happens, it could pave the way for LeBron James and Anthony to finally team up on the Cleveland Cavaliers. A potentially bought-out Dwyane Wade could be free to join them as well. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities.