The Killers Have Released Their Best Album Since We Were Young

The Killers at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival
The Killers at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival / Jim Dyson/Getty Images

The Killers released their sixth studio album, Imploding the Mirage, a week ago and let me tell you, it is great. What a welcome surprise from a band that at one point seemed like the biggest rock act in the world. This album is so good I listened to it while mowing the lawn the other day. That's the highest honor an American male can bestow on a piece of music in 2020. A full album. Straight through. No skips.

It it literally unprecedented how long it has been since The Killers were thought of like The Killers. The first single off the album, Caution, was the band's first Billboard alternative No. 1 song in 13 years. The previous record was held by Beck, which also puts The Killers in pretty good company for longevity and musical credibility. The Killers previous No. 1? When You Were Young, obviously.

The Killers releasing an awesome, fun album in 2020 is an incredible achievement. Honestly, it's like we're back in the Bait Shop and it's 2004 again. Even the old people playing teenagers were young back then.

Listening to an entire new album straight through multiple times seems like a thing of the past even though its easier than ever since you don't have to go to the trouble of buying a CD and getting to a Discman. Don't laugh. That's how I consumed The Killers' first album, Hot Fuss. I bought a CD and eagerly watched their appearance on a television show that aired once a week. My friends and I gathered to watch The O.C. every week for about two years. It was a wild time.

And now those times are back. The Killers are back with the album you would have expected them to still be making when you were young. Now, what network television teenage drama are we all watching tonight?