The Kansas City Chiefs Can Go Undefeated as Long as They Don't Lose Any Games

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes / Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0. They beat the Baltimore Ravens again. Patrick Mahomes looks incredible. His weapons look unstoppable. Andy Reid is at the top of his game. Is it too early to ask if they can go undefeated? Probably!

The next three weeks will be the toughest stretch of the season for Chiefs. Their next two games will be against the New England Patriots and Las Vegas Raiders, who are both 2-1. Then, on short rest, they'll take on the currently undefeated Buffalo Bills on Thursday Night Football. If they can make it to 6-0, it will be time to seriously consider whether or not the Chiefs can go undefeated.

Having said that, this is not always a serious website so let's consider it right now, when there are still seven undefeated teams remaining. I mean, Kansas City handled the Ravens Monday night and there were people who thought Baltimore could go undefeated this year.

The Chiefs have given up the sixth fewest points this season. They've scored the fifth most points. I know it's early in the season, but they also went 24-8 in Mahomes' first two seasons as a starter and won the Super Bowl last year. They haven't lost a game since November 10, 2019, have won 12 consecutive games and again, one of them was the Super Bowl.

When the Patriots went 16-0 during the 2007 regular season, they were coming off a loss in the AFC Championship Game. They had lost a few games in the second half of the 2006 season. What does that mean for the Chiefs more than a decade later? Not much.

The Chiefs probably won't go undefeated. It's quite difficult. It's only been done once and that was by a very annoying group of old men like 50 years ago. Any team can win on any given Sunday. That's how the Giants ended the Patriots' undefeated bid at Super Bowl XLII. Eventually, that will happen to the Chiefs. Sure, maybe it won't happen until Patrick Mahomes retires in a decade, but eventually they will lose again.

As for now, the possibility of going undefeated remains and that's pretty cool.