The Jason McIntyre Show: ESPN's Bob Ley on Outside the Lines, the World Cup, and Honesty

By Jason McIntyre

Among the topics covered (subscribe here):

* Klinsmann, the USA’s defensive issues, and safety in Brazil at the World Cup.
* On seniority in Bristol: “Chris Berman is an arriviste – he was hired months after me.”
* How different is the scrutiny on ESPN than it was, say, 13 years ago at the turn of the century? “They’re watching us because we matter.”
* You’ll enjoy the no-days-off attitude, through a Joe DiMaggio quote: “there’s somebody out there that never saw me play.”
* What about Outside the Lines being bumped to 8 am from 9 am on Sunday mornings? “That our time slot is less advantageous is indisputably accurate … and we’re not happy about it … it has been a very challenging and at times frustrating period for the show.” It’s a strong five minute segment.
* I won’t tell you who he said this about, but: “Oh hell, this is a podcast, I can say it … they’re the balls.”
* Do you think Bob Ley reads magazines and newspapers, or is he a tablet guy?

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