The Highlight of SI's Expose on UCLA Crumbling Under Ben Howland: Reeves Nelson Peeing on Tyler Honeycutt's Clothes


The story is not really that damaging,  but it certainly doesn’t portray Howland or his program in a positive light. Reeves Nelson, not surprisingly, comes across as a thug – the type of jerk who punts balls into the stands at the end of practice and tells the managers to “fetch” – who actually injured several of his teammates in practice. Here’s your highlight:

"“Nelson thought Honeycutt, one of his roommates, was the rat, and he got his revenge … Nelson returned home from a night of partying, piled Honeycutt’s clothes on Honeycutt’s bed, and then urinated on the clothes and flipped the bed over."

It is too early to tell what ramifications might be, but let’s see if any of the prized recruits jump ship.

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