The Heat Are a Loss From Elimination and Jimmy Butler Apparently Isn't Surprised

Jimmy Butler and Giannis
Jimmy Butler and Giannis / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Like a family who had a pool put in recently, the Milwaukee Bucks beat the Heat on Thursday night, 113-84. The Bucks now have a 3-0 lead, which as any analytics expert will tell you, means the Heat trail 0-3. Their season is all but over, If you think this is a surprise to the defending Eastern Conference Bubble champs, you would be wrong.

Jimmy Butler is not surprised, which is actually a very chill way to look at this situation. Someone has to win the games. Someone has to lose. If you prepare yourself for the possibility that you could be the one who loses, then you won't be surprised if that is what happens. It's very Dude.

So while the Heat plan to keep working, they must be prepared for the seemingly inevitable broom that is headed their way. Still, being grounded in reality, they know that the series is not over. Goran Dragic told reporters after the game that the Bucks still have to win another game, which is true.

Let it never be said that Heat Culture is not grounded in reality. Which also means they know that Jimmy Butler, who said he was "stupidly locked in" for the playoffs eight days ago, has been pretty bad in the series. He's shooting 30 percent form the field and has a +/- of -60 over the last two games.

It's probably time to start wondering how much longer Butler will even be in Miami. The same day Butler said he was stupid locked in, Sham Charania reported that there was tension between Butler and the coaching staff.

It was shrugged off at the time as fiery competitor/not everyone can stand the Heat Culture stuff, but Butler has a history of wearing out his welcome or simply making a scene and leaving a party early. Butler makes, like, $36 million a year. That gets you 19 points in a 29-point loss in a must-win game? Doesn't seem ideal!

Of course, the Heat could win on Saturday! The Heat certainly wouldn't be surprised. Everyone else might be, but not the Heat.