The Guy From This State Farm Ad Totally Abandons His Family After the Commercial Ends


State Farm has been running this ad for a few months now and it has bugged me for a while. The premise is that this dude keeps saying he will never grow up or become one of those awful home-owners who doesn’t live in a cool urban center. Each time he proclaims he will never do something, he is immediately shown at a later point in his life doing that thing he vowed he would not do. The final shot shows him sitting on a couch with his wife and two daughters saying, “I’m never letting go.”

Based on everything we have seen in the previous 20-second look at his life, the next logical step is for him to abandon his family.

As he sits there, trapped under the literal and figurative weight of his family, unable to reach the remote control as the credits for Frozen roll for the thousandth time, his mind will likely wander to all the things he vowed he would never do. Perhaps he thinks back to the girl on the diving board at the pool party from the first shot of the commercial.

Diving Board Girl never would have made him put a FOR SALE sign in the window of his classic car. (God he hates that minivan.) Diving Board Girl doesn’t fly coach. Diving Board Girl lives in the city. The same city in which he last felt alive. His last thought is probably, “I’ll never make this mistake again.”