The Eagles Will Stick With Jalen Hurts Until They Don't

Jalen Hurts
Jalen Hurts / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Yesterday, Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman spoke to the media to address the team's offseason plans and gave his stamp of approval to Jalen Hurts. Despite Hurts' struggles in Philly's season-ending blowout loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Roseman stood by his guy and emphatically stated that Hurts is the starter for 2022.

This statement was met with a healthy amount of skepticism because, at this time last year, Roseman said something very similar about one Carson Wentz. Who was, of course, traded at the first available opportunity later that year.

When paired with Dianna Russini's report from Get Up (sans exclamation mark) this morning, well... You get the picture. Hurts is the guy in Philly until a better option comes along. Then he's not.

It may feel unfair to toss Hurts away at the first available opportunity after a year and a half of progress, but it's probably the right call. Hurts is a good quarterback with very clear limitations. This year's version of the Eagles is as close to ideal for Hurts as they can be-- an elite rushing attack powered by a good offensive line that, against the right opponent, can win. But when faced with a deficit to overcome and Hurts has to throw, everything spirals out of control.

Hurts can certainly improve as a passer. His vision and decision-making in his first playoff game were suspect, to say the lease. But these are also problems that have long plagued Hurts. They aren't new. It is worth questioning, then, if he can overcome those problems to become a quarterback who can win games on his own or forever require a good supporting cast around him to win.

Most quarterbacks need that supporting cast. But teams are constantly on the look for the signal-caller who can cover up the flaws in the roster instead of the other way around. If the Eagles can land that kind of player, whether it be Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson or whoever else, they will do it without blinking.

But until then, they'll stand with Hurts because he is, if anything, better than most alternatives. There are definitely better players-- but there are also much worse ones. The Eagles aren't in pole position, yet still a long way from bringing up the rear.