The Dallas Cowboys' Future Starts Now... On Sunday

Stephen Douglas
Dak Prescott lines up behind center for the Dallas Cowboys.
Dak Prescott lines up behind center for the Dallas Cowboys. / Corey Perrine/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys face a must-win game in Week 17. Their season is on the line. The future of the franchise is up in the air. With a loss they would be finally, mercifully eliminated from the playoffs and the Jason Garrett era could be over in Dallas. Asked about it potentially being Garrett's final game in Dallas, Dak Prescott reminded reporters that it could also be his.

A Dallas loss to Washington ends the Cowboys' season, Jason Garrett's tenure (presumably) and Dak Prescott's rookie contract. To make matters more complicated, Prescott and Garrett could (and should considering it's against Washington) both impress in a Dallas win on Sunday, the Eagles could beat the Giants and the Cowboys would still be eliminated.

It's clear to the rest of the world that no matter what, Jason Garrett should not be back in Dallas next season. Even if the Cowboys make the playoffs and win a game or two in the postseason, Garrett should probably have been fired years ago, but he and Jerry probably have some secret handshake deal that they can't legally discuss. How else would you explain his tenure?

Dak Prescott is a more complicated situation. Half the population thinks he's overrated, half think he's underrated. Some people think he's worth a big contract. Others do not. He should get plenty of interest from multiple teams with quarterback issues. It seems Jerry Jones wants to let the market dictate Dak Prescott's worth.

It seems the Cowboys have finally reached the point of no return. Win or lose, playoffs or bust, the 2020 version of the Dallas Cowboys could look vastly different than the one fighting for their jobs on Sunday.