The Cubs Are Very Mad About Barstool Chicago and Beer Cup Snake Videos


The Chicago Cubs have beef with Barstool Chicago and snakes wrapping around it – cup snakes to be exact, and it’s more so overly stacked to a point that the Cubs can’t ignore it anymore.

According to Barstool Chicago, the Chicago Cubs are threatening them for selling $20 shirts highlighting the cup snakes that say “Come and Take It.” The Cubs’ Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs Julian Green sent an e-mail to Barstool Chicago saying, in part, that “if this is the posture Barstool is going to take with our business and ex-employees then we will have no interest in not only future opportunities with fans, players, etc., but flag our vote of no confidence with the other clubs and Major League Baseball.”

The shirts have reportedly been banned by Wrigley Field as well.

Green went on to add that he “received numerous messages from colleagues from around the league, including recently from the Cardinals who called this B.S.,” and that “this is not going to go over well with other teams.”

The Cubs aren’t mad about the fans stacking the cups but at Barstool’s approach to the matter, saying that Barstool Chicago is “(putting) our staff and ballpark at risk,” as Green said in his e-mail.

Barstool responded publicly in their post saying that nobody on their staff has taken a part of the cup-stacking and that the Cubs are only mad about them re-tweeting the videos of everyone else as Wrigley Field doing it.

Security has been taking the cup snakes away from people and Barstool Chicago has been telling people that if security comes up to take the cups, to just give up the cups no questions asked.

To add even more to this story, a Wrigley Field security guard who has the pseudonym “Ligmaballsack” was fired by the Cubs for going on Barstool Chicago’s “Dog Walk” podcast, taking people behind the scenes of the apparent growing cup snake scene at Wrigley Field.

Cubs fans at Wrigley Field have been taking empty beer cups and stacking them, making long snakes out of them. This has been a thing at Wrigley Field for awhile now, as seen in the stands in an extra-innings affair between the Cubs and the Blue Jays in 2017.

The ever-growing tradition looks to continue, now seemingly in spite of the Cubs and the firing of “Ligmaballsack.”

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— Rogan (@rogan_ben) July 16, 2019

This is a gripping saga that shows no sign of concluding anytime soon.