The Complete NBA Future(s) Board and Odds

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My how the tables have turned…

The Atlanta Hawks are the best team in the NBA, the Thunder are in 10th place, and our pets’ heads are falling off.

If you just happen to find yourself within the premises of a Las Vegas Casino, or somewhere that takes … eh hem … legal bets, you may find these updated NBA future(s) odds useful…

Odds to win 2015 NBA Championship (via as of 2/3/15)..

  Odds on 1/6/15        Current Odds   

Golden State Warriors               5/1                                7/2

Cleveland Cavaliers                   6/1                                15/4

San Antonio Spurs                    11/2                              7/1

Atlanta Hawks                           16/1                              15/2

Chicago Bulls                            5/1                                17/2

Dallas Mavericks                       15/2                              12/1

Los Angeles Clippers                12/1                              12/1

Memphis Grizzlies                     18/1                              12/1

Oklahoma City Thunder              8/1                                16/1

Houston Rockets                      18/1                              18/1

Toronto Raptors                        16/1                              20/1

Portland Trail Blazers                 18/1                              25/1

Washington Wizards                  25/1                              28/1

Miami Heat                                75/1                              100/1

Detroit Pistons                          500/1                            150/1

Milwaukee Bucks                       150/1                            150/1

New Orleans Pelicans                100/1                            150/1

Phoenix Suns                            66/1                              150/1

Boston Celtics                          400/1                            500/1

Brooklyn Nets                           150/1                            500/1

Charlotte Hornets                      500/1                            500/1

Indiana Pacers                          400/1                            500/1

Sacramento Kings                     300/1                            1000/1

Utah Jazz                                  1000/1                          1000/1

Denver Nuggets                        500/1                            2000/1

Orlando Magic                          1000/1                          2000/1

Los Angeles Lakers                   500/1                            Off the Board

Minnesota Timberwolves            5000/1                      Off the Board

New York Knicks                       1000/1                          Off the Board

Philadelphia 76ers                     5000/1                          Off the Board


Conference Odds

Odds to win 2015 Eastern Conference

Cleveland Cavaliers                   8/5

Atlanta Hawks                           2/1

Chicago Bulls                            7/2

Toronto Raptors                        6/1

Washington Wizards                  10/1

Miami Heat                                50/1

Detroit Pistons                          66/1

Milwaukee Bucks                       75/1

Boston Celtics                          200/1

Brooklyn Nets                           200/1

Charlotte Hornets                      200/1

Indiana Pacers                          200/1

Orlando Magic                          1000/1


Odds to win 2015 Western Conference

Golden State Warriors               9/5

San Antonio Spurs                    15/4

Dallas Mavericks                       13/2

Los Angeles Clippers                7/1

Memphis Grizzlies                     7/1

Oklahoma City Thunder              8/1

Houston Rockets                      9/1

Portland Trailblazers                  12/1

Phoenix Suns                            66/1

New Orleans Pelicans                75/1

Sacramento Kings                     500/1

Utah Jazz                                  500/1

Denver Nuggets                        1000/1


Divisional Odds

Odds to win 2015 Central Division

Cleveland Cavaliers                   5/9

Chicago Bulls                            7/5


Odds to win 2015 Southeast Division  

Atlanta Hawks                           1/16

Washington Wizards                  8/1


Odds to win 2015 Northwest Division

Portland Trailblazers                  1/5

Oklahoma City Thunder              3/1


Odds to win 2015 Pacific Division   


Golden State Warriors               1/7

Los Angeles Clippers                4/1


Odds to win 2015 Southwest Division

Memphis Grizzlies                     1/1

Dallas Mavericks                       7/2

San Antonio Spurs                    7/2

Houston Rockets                      4/1


Awards Odds

Odds to Win 2014-15 NBA Regular Season MVP

Stephen Curry (GS)                   4/5

LeBron James (CLE)                  3/1

James Harden (HOU)                 7/2

Anthony Davis (NO)                   13/2

Kevin Durant (OKC)                   11/1

Marc Gasol (MEM)                    14/1

Blake Griffin (LAC)                    20/1

Russell Westbrook (OKC)          20/1


Odds to Win 2014-15 Rookie of the Year       


Andrew Wiggins (MIN)               2/13

Any Other Player                       9/2


If you told me before the season that the Atlanta Hawks would have the best record in the league, be a (-1600) favorite to win their division at the BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY, and only (+750) to win the NBA Championship — I would have slapped you across the face like you just turned down Stephanie McMahon/an opportunity to be a part of “The Corporation”.

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In all seriousness, though, Vegas has hinted that a couple of “things” are already decided…

  • Andrew Wiggins (-650) will be winning Rookie of the Year
  • Pending an injury, or, Anthony Davis going even more insane than he currently is, Stephen Curry is going to named “Most Valuable Player” for the first time in his career…
  • Despite winning the Pacific Division, the Portland Trail Blazers (+1200) have absolutely no chance of doing anything in the Playoffs
  • And, oh yeah: the Spurs are coming…

As for me, i’m putting my money where my mouth is: you don’t win NBA playoff games by shooting jumpers — you win by getting easy buckets in the half-court.

While the San Antonio Spurs Death Machine (15/4 odds) is simply better than everyone else, the team with the best “value” to come out of the Western Conference is the Memphis Grizzlies (+700). Yes, i’m also going to bet the Spurs at 15/4 because they’re good enough to justify such a short number, but, the Grizz are where my “real money” is going. They struggle to initiate offense at times, but, it’s hard to argue that this isn’t the perfectly-constructed NBA playoff team … and I get 7/1 on my $? Yes, please.

In the east, despite the jaw-dropping performance of the Atlanta Hawks — the Bulls (+350) offer the best “bang for your buck” to reach the NBA Finals. The Cavaliers are right there as well… but, for their current price tag of (8/5), they better be the ’96 Bulls for me to lay that type of chalk. I hate to break this to everyone: but, they’re not…their lack of size (sans Mozgov) will be their downfall vs. a Chicago front line that towers over their opponents like “The Wall”, guarding Winterfell from its enemies to the north — and as long as Rose is healthy, there is no-one this team can’t beat.