The Clippers Are Considering Trading for Lance Stephenson [UPDATE: Trade is Complete]


The Los Angeles Clippers want to up their meme game and go for the much coveted internet meme title. They may be looking to acquire Lance Stephenson, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

Stephenson was a massive free agent bust with the Charlotte Hornets last year, after coming from the Pacers. The Clippers, meanwhile, are pretty limited on their moves and may have to get creative, and really had a lack of depth behind their stars last year.


"The Clippers are considering the idea of using Stephenson as the primary ballhandler when All-Star Chris Paul is out of the game, league sources said. Stephenson struggled with the way Charlotte point guard Kemba Walker dominated the ball on offense, and would assuredly find a similar situation with Paul in Los Angeles."

But what will become of Austin Rivers if this happens? This is a question that really doesn’t merit much of an answer. This is definitely a rumor that needs to come to pass.

Update: A couple hours later the deal went through, per Marc Stein. Stephenson is a Clipper.