The Clippers and Warriors Still Hate Each Other, Blake Griffin Calls Golden State 'Cowardly'

By Mike Cardillo

The Warriors and the Clippers … the most heated rivals in the NBA? Who knew?

The Western Conference rivals mixed it up on opening night in November. When they met again on Wednesday night, the Christmas spirit didn’t seem to cool off the dislike on either side. The Warriors won 105-103 in a game that saw both Blake Griffin and Draymond Green ejected, as well as the teams mixing it up after the final whistle.

Green was ejected for an elbow to Griffin in the third quarter during this incident:

Griffin was later sent to the showers in the fourth after contact with Andrew Bogut, prompting the Clippers forward to tell ESPN Los Angeles:

"“If you look at it, I didn’t do anything and I got thrown out of the game,” Griffin said. “It all boils down to they fell for it. To me, that’s cowardly. That’s cowardly basketball.”"

Clippers coach Doc Rivers added:

"“Honestly, I thought we were just kicking their butts and they went to something else, to be honest,” Rivers said. “But that’s fine.”"

Meanwhile, Warriors coach Mark Jackson had a sense of humor about it:

"“We like them. Merry Christmas.”"

The rivals meet again on Jan. 30, a game that will air on a Thursday night TNT national window. Should be fun. It’s always better when a rivalry happens like this — when two teams, for whatever the reason begin to hate each other organically without needing the media to hype it up.

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