The Chicago Cubs Aren't Trading Kyle Schwarber


Chicago Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber has certainly followed an unusual path during his limited time in the Major Leagues. He’s battled through injury and collected huge postseason hits. He’s struggled mightily and been sent down to the minor leagues. In short, it’s been on a roller coaster.

The latest bend in the track has him veering right into hot, hot trade rumors as the deadline approaches. Jim Bowden suggested the Cubs and Tigers are exploring a swap for either Michael Fulmer or Daniel Norris, two promising starters.

Spoiler alert: this will never happen and there’s plenty of reasons why.

First, the Tigers would be absolutely outside their skulls to part with Fulmer, who enjoyed his first All-Star game last night, for the erratic Schwarber. The reigning AL Rookie of the Year has proven himself to be a bonafide ace in posting a 3.11 ERA and 1.118 WHIP in 43 career starts. His best days are still ahead and, crucially, he’s perfectly suited to the new all-or-nothing nature of the game — evidenced by his incredible 0.5 H9 this season.

Secondly, and this may not be the view of the majority, I’m not even sure they’d part with the lesser Norris for Schwarber. The 24-year-old lefty has a bloated 5.29 ERA this season and is currently on the disabled list. But in parts of four seasons he’s shown the ability to turn in quality starts and work into the seventh inning.

From the Cubs’ perspective, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to move Schwarber when his value has bottomed out. Then there’s the issue of The Athletic Chicago’s reporting that he’s not even on the table.

So outside of neither team having motivation and an inequity between assets, this thing seems like a done deal. Just like the Justin Verlander-to-the-Cubs thing was before it went up in a puff of smoke.

Look for Schwarber to be driving in crucial runs for the Cubs in October and Fulmer and Norris to head up a stellar Tigers rotation for years to come. You heard it here first.