The Chargers Released Another "New" Logo Today, And It's Still Terrible

Ryan Phillips

The newly-minted Los Angeles Chargers were raked over the coals yesterday for the horrendous logo they released after announcing their move to LA. It was essentially a Dodgers logo with a tail on it. The backlash to the logo was so severe the Chargers and the NFL quickly covered themselves by pulling it down and claiming it wasn’t actually the team’s new emblem:

Yeah, right.

Like everything about this move, the introduction of the logo was uninspiring and half-assed. And, in keeping with that tradition, the Chargers re-issued the logo today. It’s exactly the same thing, but now with different colors!

Yesterday countless fans, brands and other sports franchises piled on the Chargers for their awful logo and it’s unlikely to to stop any time soon. It has continued today:

This was clearly the least thought-through move in sports history. No one in Los Angeles wants the Chargers and now, no one in San Diego wants Dean Spanos and his family back. They are starting over from zero and are bound to fail in their new city.

I’d call them a second-rate organization but that would be an insult to actual second-rate organizations. Right now the Chargers wish they were on that level.