The Chargers Couldn't Even Fill StubHub Center For Their First Game In Los Angeles


The San Diego Los Angeles Chargers lost their preseason opener to the Seattle Seahawks 48-17 on Sunday, but that wasn’t close to the most embarrassing thing that happened to them. No, that came when the official attendance was announced: it was 21,054.

…sorry, I was just laughing hysterically for about 20 mins, allow me to collect myself…

StubHub Center holds 27,000 and the Chargers, who are in the midst of their absurd “Fight For LA” campaign, couldn’t even pack the damn place. Bear in mind, in San Diego there would have been a minimum of 45,000 people at that preseason game and probably more.

And here are some really fantastic tweets from Kevin Baxter, an LA Times writer:

The Chargers are an NFL team and couldn’t get more fans than an MLS franchise having an awful season.

As a San Diego native and a now ex-Chargers fan I need a minute…

Sorry I’m done…nah, never mind, not yet…

OK, OK, I’m finished…wait, no, one more…

Whew…ha man, I haven’t had this much fun in years.

It’s worth noting that the Los Angeles Rams had 90,000 people in attendance at their first preseason last year. The Chargers couldn’t get 22,000 and they’re a legitimate playoff contender this season. It’s…it’s just beautiful.

Dean Spanos spent years spitting in the face of the citizens of San Diego, a town which had supported his family and franchise for more than 50 years. His plan to get his own stadium built in Carson blew up in his face. He refused to negotiate a legitimate stadium proposal with the people of San Diego, then moved to Los Angeles where no one wanted him. In doing so he expected lifelong Chargers fans to follow him, while adding to his fanbase with Los Angeles and Orange County fans. He clearly believed it was a genius plan to expand his reach and rake in the cash. Then at his first game in his new city his team drew less than 22,000, and that number included a ton of Seahawks fans.

I’m sorry guys, one more…

As a San Diego sports fan this is the greatest thing that’s happened to me since the Padres reached the World Series in 1998. Yeah, I remember how that ended but at least we got a sweet ballpark out of it.

So yeah Dean and sons, enjoy Los Angeles and your “Fight For LA.” It’s off to a rousing start.