The Cavs Lost Again at Home, This Time to the 1-8 Hawks

By Jason McIntyre

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: A LeBron-led team is struggling early in the season. The Cavs lost at home Sunday to the 1-8 Hawks, 117-115.

I know – who cares? The Cavs certainlydon’t care about the regular season. Why should they, the masses say. They’ll steamroll the East in the playoffs, anyway. Probably. Maybe.

Well, that’s assuming they get there. As long as LeBron is healthy, they should be in the playoffs.

But let me quickly remind you just who these Hawks are that beat the Cavs:
Luke Babbitt, Taurean Prince, Dewayne Dedmon, Dennis Schroder and Kent Bazemore. Rookie John Collins chipped in 12-13 off the bench, and hardcore college basketball fans will remember Texas point guard Isaiah Taylor, who contributed 14 points.

The Cavs are just 2-4 at home; last year, they were 31-10 at home. If the home fans know they’re not going to play and defense, and lose games to bottom feeders like the Knicks, Hawks and (well, they’re not at the bottom now) Magic, why show up for games?

For what it’s worth, Kevin Love played just 18 minutes and was so upset at his own play he ripped his jersey in the first half. He scored four points.