The Browns Couldn't Reach Johnny Manziel this Morning?

Ryan Glasspiegel

Johnny Manziel may or may not have been in Las Vegas last night. Whether he was or wasn’t, the Browns apparently were unable to reach him. Peter King reported on NBC, and in a three tweet series:

"Reported this on @SNFonNBC re Manziel: Browns require players in concussion protocol to be seen by team medic at 9 am on Sunday even if they’re not playing. Manziel didn’t show up Sunday. Browns couldn’t reach him on phone. At this point I can tell you Browns are so done with the guy. I will be stunned if he ever plays another snap for Cleveland. He wants to go to Dallas."

It’s presumable that King’s knowledge that the Browns are done with Manziel extends past the current administration of Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine, who were just fired, and it’s also totally understandable from their organization’s perspective.

Dallas or elsewhere, I have my doubts about whether Manziel will ultimately be successful. I know that he’s young and that many teammates go out. But, there hasn’t yet been evidence that Manziel has the requisite combination of talent and dedication to succeed as an NFL quarterback.