The Bowl Game: Playing Against Army Must Suck

Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

Don't look now but Aaron Rodgers may become the first canceled person to win the NFL MVP, the Super Bowl, audition to host Jeopardy, and have a weekly spot on one of the biggest sports radio shows in the world. * No less than 24 hours after his appearance on the Pat McAfee Show in which the Green Bay Packers quarterback lamented the lack of action in combating COVID, both Pfizer and the U.S. Army announced potential game-changers in the vaccine and therapeutic departments. Guy gets results. * The Boston Celtics bringing back a guy named Iso Joe during a pandemic seems a bit too on the nose. * Did you see that bucket Joe Johnson got, though? He was moving with all the speed and splendor of that mosquito stuck in amber during Jurassic Park. * A quick reminder if you're keeping score at home: everyone more concerned than you about the rising infections is needlessly freaking out and anyone less concerned isn't taking it seriously enough. * Congratulations to Army for winning the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl. Playing the Black Knights must feel like a four-hour root canal. Without local anesthetic. * The EPL has canceled two Boxing Day matches due to the virus. COVID: landing some body blows. Punching back. * You know it's been a weird college football season when Texas A&M fans have gone from the high of beating Alabama to desperately pleading with 5-7 Rutgers to play them in a bowl game with a week's notice. * The College Football Playoff could be decided by forfeits. Could be Cincinnati's only chance. * Imagine if that happens. Chaos. Martial law. The whole thing ending with Paul Finebaum being president. Could see it happening.

Have to think, that if they wanted to, the troops from West Point could put together a football team that finished in the top half of the ACC. * Other teams run a two-minute drill. Army runs a 24-hour drill. * Jeff Monken is 44-20 over the last six years. Build the statue. * Atlanta tight end Kyle Pitts made the Pro Bowl in this, his rookie year. Get used to it. * Did about 20 minutes of reporting earlier this week and here's a hot tip: Russell Wilson, future quarterback of the New York Giants. * Who knew people were so intensely interested in the rules and regulations of Wheel of Fortune? * Pat Sajak: I stand with you. What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right. At least that's what a sign from my fourth-grade classroom claimed.

Raise your hand if you had the Los Angeles Lakers being this reliant on Austin Reaves. Not saying it's a bad thing. Just that it's an unexpected thing. * 48,000 Call of Duty players have been banned for cheating. A good start. * Are we 100 percent sure LeBron James isn't going back to Cleveland? * The Cavs: way better than you thought they'd be. Unless you thought they'd be 19-13 and fourth in the Eastern Conference. In that case, they're exactly as good as you thought they'd be. * There is nothing like discovering there's a football game on at 3:30 and it's the Frisco Football Classic. * The Classic. In its first year. With a rich tradition of several months. The hubris. * And yet, you can safely bet that I'll be shushing my children at supper so I can devote my full attention to North Texas-Miami (Ohio).

Skip Bayless just teased an upcoming segment debating if Tom Brady's tantrums on Sunday night could cost him the MVP. Hate it here. * There's a chance both Harbaughs win a title this year. * Stocking stuffers is a great euphemism for wasting money. * Insisting that Die Hard is a Christmas movie is not a personality. * Darren Rovell paying top dollar for Hugh Hefner's empty Viagra pill bottle: it just makes sense. * Anyone who likes Florida laying seven points tonight to UCF would be better served investing in an IRA. * Have you ever taken a good look at the roast beast The Grinch carves up at the end of the cartoon version? Wouldn't recommend it. Something's not right there.